Skin Deep

Dear Sultans of Skincare,
I found your website and it looks like you know pretty much all there is to know about skin care, so I’m hoping you can help me:

I am 18 years old and a senior at Feltersnatch Memorial High School here in rural Pennsylvania. Our senior prom is coming up in a few short days and I’d like to make it extra special for my girlfriend (Ursula). Everyone knows that prom night is THE night to get drunk. The biggest problem is getting the alcohol. You have to be 21 to buy beer and stuff, and I am 18 (3 years too young) and, to make matters worse, I have to admit that I look like I’m about 12.

This is where you come in, friends. Since you make skin cream to make people look younger, would it be possible to make a cream to make me look older? I figure if you can make me look at least 30 or 35 I shouldn’t even need I.D. Is this feasible? Do you get a lot of requests for this product? I didn’t see it offered on your website, but it shouldn’t take your scientists more than an hour or so to make, should it? I make $5.15 an hour at McDonald’s, but I figure your scientists make at least $8.00 an hour, so I’d be happy to pay them for their overtime or whatever. Money is no object as I have my dad’s American Express card. If you don’t take that I can get his Visa, but I’ll have to wait until he forgets to take his wallet to work again (he’s an exterminator’s assistant).

This really means a lot to me, so please don’t take too long to reply. You can send the cream to the address below and let me know how you want me to pay for it. Also, do you have keychains?

Thanks a bunch,

Dave Cilluffo

Thanks for your message, David.
I’m sorry to disappoint you but we’ll not be making a cream to make someone look older.

Hope you and your girlfriend have a great time at the prom and remember…you’re 18, that’s a wonderful age, enjoy it!

USA Oil of Olay Team