Let’s Make Smoking History

Dear PA Department of Health,
When I was driving to work the other day, I saw one of your billboards (a big sign ad along the side of the road) that said something about “Help us make smoking history.”

Let me tell you, your timing couldn’t have been better. You see, next month I will be attempting to make smoking history by smoking 50 cartons (10,000 cigarettes) in just 8 hours, in an attempt to get in the Guiness Book of Records.

As you can imagine, an attempt to make history like this one is going to be quite an event. The local paper is even thinking about writing an article about me. Of course, with the price of cigarettes going up, this feat isn’t going to be a cheap one, so I’ll be needing some sponsors. Originally, I wanted to stick with local businesses (good for the economy, you know), but after seeing your billboard, I knew you’d want to sponsor me. That’s why I went ahead and put your logo on the flyers I will begin distributing next week. Any donation over $1000 is most welcome, and you can send it to the address below.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Cilluffo

Dear Mr. Cilluffo,
This is in response to your e-mail dated July 25, 1999 regarding the “Help us make smoking history” billboard. This billboard is presented to the Erie community through the Erie County Tobacco Free Coalition. Funding for the billboard is made available from the Pennsylvania Tobacco Prevention Network (PTPN). PTPN receives funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

In addition, The Department of Health has launched a statewide billboard campaign designed to help reduce smoking by youth. These billboards (almost 400 statewide) are targeted to youth between the ages of 9-14. In the near future these billboards will be available for viewing on our website www.health.state.pa.us. Thanks for your comments.