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Dear Health For Women,
I wanted to commending you on your excellent website! Ever since I was little girl growing in South Korea as the youngest of 11 children, I have dreamed of being a mother. As I carry 511 pounds on my 4′ 11″ frame, this was a dream I thought would never come true.

But that all changes 3 weeks ago when I met Dave–it was love at first site! He came to my modest apartment to get rid of some vermin in the kitchen (he’s an exterminator’s assistant) and we have been unable to keeping away from each other since then! Last week we were married, and although he have 9 children from 8 previous marriages, we decided to “add” to the family.

Unfortunately, although we have been try for approximately 8 days, we have been unable to conceive a child. In last 8 days, I have purchased 4 of your Fortel Home Pregnancy Kits. At 7.99 each (plus shipping), this is not exactly inexpensive, but I figured that the miracle of having a child was worth it. However, although we have tried 4 times (admittedly we didn’t follow the instructions the first time), your home pregnancy kits have been unsucessful in getting me pregnant. I would very much like to have a child (as I said earlier, it is my lifelong dream), I willing to keep trying, but spending 7.99 (plus shipping) every other night is going to be very trying on my finances.

I realize most corporations don’t like to failure, but is it possible that I have purchased 4 defective pregnancy kits in a row? I can understand one, or even two defective kits, but after using the fourth , surely I should have become pregnant.

I have decided that I will try one more kit, and if it doesn’t works, I will be forced to try another brand.

Is it possible that I am unable to conceive? I have a deathly fear of doctors and other people in white, so going to physician is out of the question. Also, on your kits, you should make several different types (i.e. let mothers-to-be choose the hair and eye color of their children, height, etc.)

Thank you for your time,

Kim-Li Cilluffo

From: “”
Dear Kim-Li:

A pregnancy test does not get you pregnant. The intent of the test is to determine if you are pregnant and NOT to get you pregnant, the instructions explicitly say this. You take a pregnancy test the first day of a missed period to see if you are pregnant since a missed period is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy.

If you have some basic medical questions about women’s reproductive systems, I would recommend looking at Planned Parenthood has excellent information on pregnancy, ovulation, etc.

Women who are trying to conceive often use an Ovulation Predictor Test which tells you when you are ovulating.

Here is an excerpt from Planned Parenthood on ovulation:

There are seven or eight days a month when women can become pregnant from vaginal intercourse.

* Sperm can live up to five days in the vagina. So women can become pregnant from having vaginal intercourse up to five days before ovulation.
* The egg lives a day or two after ovulation. This means that women are “fertile” (able to get pregnant) up to two days, and perhaps even longer, during and after ovulation.
* In total, a woman may become pregnant from vaginal intercourse during eight days of her menstrual cycle — up to five days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and two days following ovulation. A woman’s menstrual cycles may vary from month to month, so it may be hard for her to know when intercourse can cause pregnancy.

To read the full article, please visit the site:

Our links page has many good women’s health sites, If you still want to be sure, purchasing an ovulation kit is a safe bet – they are over 99% accurate in predicting ovulation. offers Clearplan Easy [$26.99 plus $3.00 S&H] which contains one 5 day test kit.


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