Going Bananas

Dear Fresh Fruit People,

If there are three things in the world that I love, it’s Dole Bananas, Cheerios, and my wife. In that order. But yesterday I made an amazing discovery that I wanted to share with you:

Every morning, without fail, I sit down at the kitchen table and eat a banana, drink a glass of delicious Dole Pineapple Juice, and then eat a bowl of Cheerios.

However, yesterday morning I was running late for my job as an exterminator’s assistant, so I decided to do a little something different–eat my banana and my Cheerios at the same time. However, the bannana fell into the Cheerios. As you can imagine, I was extremely distraught. But not wanting to waste any time picking the banana out of the Cheerios, I decided to just go ahead and eat them together.

That is when I made this amazing discovery–Dole Bananas & Cheerios–Two great tastes that taste great together (feel free to use that)

You might want to team up with General Mills to heavily advertise this new recipie, which I feel will make millions of Dole Banana-loving Americans go to sleep each night in anticipation of a hearty breakfast of Dole Bananas and Cheerios (together at last!)

And don’t worry, I wouldn’t dream of asking for money for this ingenious idea. Sharing this delicious breakfast with millions of hungry people is enough for me. A keychain would be nice though.

A great Dole Banana fan,

David M. Cilluffo

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