Department of Veterinarian’s Affairs

Dear Veterans,
My name is David Cilluffo and I am in Mrs. Feltersnatch’s 8th grade english class and we are talking about jobs and we have to write a letter to a job we want to have some day so I am writing to you because I like veterans.

I want to be a veteran when I grow up because I saw a show on tv about veterans and how they help people who need help. My teacher said that we have to have stuff about how school you have to have for your job and stuff about it so can you please send it to me. And we have to tell the people at the job why we want to do it. Thank you.

So I will tell you why I want to be a veteran. I want to be a veteran because last year when my dog Laddie got hit by a exterminator’s truck he got hurt really bad. My dad said that my dog was stupid and now we can’t get a new panasonic tv because we have to pay the veteran to help Laddie. But I know that the veteran saved my dog and that’s why I want to be a veteran. Please write to me with stuff about being a veteran so I get a good grade on my paper. Thank you.

David M. Cilluffo

Dear Mr. Cilluffo:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Veterans Affairs. this agency is charged with administering benefits provided by law for veterans of the armed forces. A veterinarian is a person who practices veterinary medicine or surgery. Someone who treats animals. I hope this clear up the difference between veteran and veterinarian.
Shirley M
VA Consumer Affairs Service
Washington, D.C.

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